About Us

Since 1939, Newel Props has been at the intersection of history and innovation, establishing itself as the premier source for props and decorative arts. Our journey began in New York, where we started by furnishing Broadway's iconic stages, evolving over four generations into the world's foremost decorative arts resource for the entertainment industry and distinguished private collectors alike.

A Legacy of Passion for Props

Our legacy is built on a deep-rooted passion for props—a passion that has driven our family-owned business for over eight decades. From the grandeur of fine period antiques to the sleek sophistication of contemporary designs, our inventory encompasses every style and era, reflecting our commitment to sourcing unique pieces that inspire creativity and bring projects to life.

Unrivaled Collection

With a curated collection of over 40,000 extraordinary works from across the globe, Newel Props boasts an unparalleled selection of items dating from the 17th to the 21st centuries. Our dedication to exploring the newest ideas in design, art, and culture means our inventory is constantly expanding, offering our clients an endless array of options to enhance any setting or theme.

Broadening Industry Partnerships

Beyond our foundational work with movie and TV production companies, Newel Props has forged strong partnerships across various industries. Our expertise enriches fashion runways, window displays, photoshoots, and events, providing a touch of authenticity and elegance. Whether it's setting the scene for a high-fashion editorial or adding character to a corporate event, our props are integral to creating memorable and engaging experiences.

Inspiring Creativity

For over eight decades, Newel has been more than just a prop house; we've been a source of inspiration, a partner in creation, and a testament to the enduring appeal of art and design. As we continue to serve international collectors, designers, and the creative community, our roots remain firmly planted in the rich history and tradition that have made us a beacon of creativity and style.

Discover the Newel Props difference and let us help you bring your creative vision to life with props as original as your ideas.

Commitment to Service

Led by the vision of Lewis Baer and CEO Jake Baer, our team is dedicated to transforming your creative visions into reality. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet any project's needs, offering expertise, quick turnaround times, and a vast selection of high-quality items. With a full-time restorer and a commitment to working within your budget, Newel Props stands as your one-stop resource for all things props.


You have a passion for props, and we've been obsessed with them since our founding in 1939. But what makes us special?

We have a huge and diverse inventory. We offer the most extensive range of furnishings and decor of any prop house in the country: from fine period Antiques and themed styles, to Mid-Century and Contemporary pieces. Our curated collection includes items from around the world that span every style and century. We're always looking for the newest ideas in design, art, and culture, and we
expand our inventory every week! There’s always something new to see.

We’ll make your not-so-easy job work seamlessly, no matter what. Our knowledgeable staff can suggest items for your consideration at any stage of your project, and will always work with your budget. We are happy to assist with last-minute accommodations and promise a fast turnaround time, quick replies to your inquiries and requests, and beautiful items in great condition. We also have a full-time restorer on site for repairs and touch-ups.

NEWEL PROPS is the partner who gets it. Our staff has years of experience in the industry. Lewis Baer is the third-generation owner
of our company, and Jake Baer, our CEO, was raised in the NEWEL PROPS family. Rich Szepinski and Christine Coco Murray, who have a combined 35 years of experience, are always here to help you find the perfect prop.
Bonnie Segal, our accountant, is here to help you with your accounts and orders. If you call us on the phone, you’ll likely hear the voice of Gabriella Baer, our social media director. Dana Rudnitsky, our
graphic and marketing designer, made our beautiful new website possible with the help of Jess Adams, our logistics analyst.

Together, we are expanding NEWEL PROPS’ horizons with your
needs in mind. We know the pride you feel in doing spectacular
work, and we’re here to support you, from start to finish.
We're a resource, an ally, and an extra shot of inspiration with props
as original as your ideas. Come visit us and you'll see what we mean!

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